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A basic level of education is key to success in a first world country like the United States. By basic, I mean the ability to read, to do mathematics that would allow you to maintain your finances and do business, writing, basic scientific reasoning, government, basic economics, and basic statistics. Any more than that and you start diving into the either "nice to have" or esoteric realms.

The United States has plenty of educational opportunities, but it has two main issues, pushing curriculum that's horrifically uninteresting or useless, and lack of choice on the K-12 side.


Higher Education

The higher education system in the United States is one of the more broken parts of it. As much as I strongly support the idea of having somewhat accessible access to it, it has effectively turned into a machine that turns well intentioned high school graduates into far left debt slaves and leaves people in what I would say is a worse place than they would have been if they either delayed going until they could pay for it without a predatory loan or completely bypassed it.

What Is Wrong?

Supply and Demand

Government Secured Loans

Extraneous Curriculum

One Size Fits All

Ridiculous Administration And Rules

It's Overrated

Homogeneous Ideology

Should You Attend?

The general answer to this is it depends. There are some career paths that either absolutely require attendance to a college or university, either by a practical standard or by fiat while others don't really have any requirement to it at all.

Program Choice


Career Path