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Welcome To My Wiki

Welcome to my personal wiki. I'm Mark Weiman from Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States and this is more of a public space for me to place my opinions of things.

This was inspired by Jonathan Gardner's wiki.


Tips and Tricks

System Administration



I deal with several technologies on a day to day basis, so here is a list of some and my general opinions about them.

Computer Languages

  • C: Great language for when you just need to get something going that's fast.
  • C++: Take all the good parts of C, then say fuck it and add crappy features that you must use.
  • Go: A language where every feature feels like an afterthought and the compiler is just trash.
  • Java: Bad language with an even worse implementation.
  • JavaScript: Terrible language with amazing implementations and uses.
  • LISP: Bad language because of extremism (like Java).
  • perl: People seem to hate it for some reason. I think it's because they don't know what perl is best at.
  • PHP: Great language for what it's used for, but will punish sloppy programmers.
  • Python: Great all around language that's extremely versitile.
  • R: It's R.
  • Ruby: Every time I look at Ruby code, I just go running.

Operating Systems

  • Arch Linux: Best OS around!
  • Debian: Great stability, usable, but crappy package manager.
  • FreeBSD: I like it for the most part, but I would like more "Archness" in it (pacman is great).
  • macOS: Over-glorified garbage.
  • PacBSD: An incomplete mess. I would know, I'm one of the developers.
  • Ubuntu: Take Debian and make it a complete mess.
  • Windows: Only useful for video games.


  • apt/dpkg: Complicated and cumbersome packaging system.
  • Docker: Overhyped and overused.
  • pacman/libalpm: Best package manager around.


Arch Linux Based

  • PacBSD: A FreeBSD distribution that uses pacman as its package manager.
  • php-alpm: A PHP extension (in C) to use libalpm.
  • repoweb: A PHP web application for management of pacman repositories.

C Libraries

  • libbodhi: A library of data structures I use often.
  • libmcnbt: A Minecraft NBT editing library.


  • Jim: A discord bot for servers I can convince people to use him on.